You Will Not Be Forgotten

When my third child was born, my oldest was three.  And they were all active boys!

 My husband and I were outnumbered and my life was completely up-ended.  For the next three years, I couldn’t even go shopping at Target by myself with the kids.  While one raced down the aisle, the toddler climbed out of the cart – all while the baby, who disliked being confined from the moment of his birth, screamed!  I was a mess!  I felt like climbing over the cart and racing down the aisle screaming myself.

 In those difficult three years, I kept trying to regain my old life.  An organizer and leader by nature, I’d volunteer to oversee something at church and then make my kids and me miserable trying to get it done.   My heart is heavy when I remember the times I dragged my three little boys to one event or another, only to leave angry and in tears because they couldn’t sit still.

 Instead of accepting my life as it was, I plowed ahead, wanting to serve God and certain He was pleased with my sacrifices.  The problem was that my innocent children made the real sacrifice by enduring my non-stop lifestyle.  I wish with all my heart that someone had taken me out to coffee and helped me get some perspective.  I was too blind to see.

 What I know now is that sometimes God calls us to a new mission field that on the surface looks like we’ve been called out of the “game.”  But nothing could be further from the truth!  For those three years (and truthfully beyond that) I was afraid to stop pursuing my goals in case an opportunity might pass me by.  What happened was the opportunity to minister more deeply to my children passed me by.

 First Peter 3:8 says, But do not forget this one thing, dear friends:  With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day  (NIV).  Although this verse is speaking about the Lord’s return, I believe it can be applied to any time of “waiting.”  God doesn’t see time as we do.  Three years seems like an eternity, when it’s really just a breath in time.  The first part of verse 9 offers hope to those who think opportunities are passing them by and God has forgotten them:  “The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness.”

 I wish someone had told me that God would not forget me.  In fact, God had hand- picked me to be the mother of Joshua, Dylan and Robbie (and now our daughters – Cathrine and Ruth).   I have been called to raise these children.  I was, and still am,  right where He wants me. 

 Even though my days felt like years back then, they really were just a blink.  Funny how the rear view mirror gives you such a broad perspective.

In His Love,


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  1. It’s very hard for me to embrace “today” as being in the perfect will of God. My tendency to always look ahead keeps me from learning that the trick is to be faithful with what I’ve been trusted with “here and now”. Thank you for your wonderful word of encouragement in that area!

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