Vacation with God

Recently I took a quick trip to California with a friend. We had a wonderful time and I did something that I didn’t’ do in the past; I prayed for the trip to go well in every little part. Often we forget to bring God on vacation with us; I know I do many times.

We were taking a day trip to Disneyland. I’ve never done anything like that before and thought it might be fun. But I started stressing because this was something totally impulsive and fun that surely things would go wrong. We had planes and transportation connections that could fall apart. The weather could be awful. So I realized that I needed to pray against those things and that we would have a fun and relaxing day. And guess what, there were a couple of tight moments, but we made flights and transportations. We got to do all the things in the parks we really wanted to do and had a wonderful time!

Today I was listening to the podcast of John Eldredge and Ransomed Heart that he talked about a vacation where their rental car and money were stolen but they had prayed ahead of time and after the incident and had a wonderful vacation because with God’s help they didn’t let those things ruin the trip. He went on to explain that many times we think vacation is a break from everything including God and the enemy’s attacks. But actually what a great thing for the enemy if your rest time is all messed up? So he likes to start praying a couple weeks ahead of time for all the aspects of the trip – planes, cars, weather, relationships, etc. So as we head out on our summer vacations remember to ask God to join you on that vacation. And even if everything doesn’t go “perfect” God can still create a great vacation.



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