Just say…Overhauled!

Currently, one of my favorite shows is Overhaulin’ on the Discovery channel.

I love this show! “The owner gets tricked; while the car gets tricked out.” They ‘steal’ someone’s car, overhaul it in seven days and return it to the unsuspecting (but at this point distraught) owner. Along the way they have ‘insiders’ who are people (family and friends) who know the truth about what is happening and are in on it (some of them even help out). They have an amazing team that deconstructs the car, replaces engines, transmissions, sheet metal, stereos, etc, and then gives an amazing paint job. Oh, yeah, and they work around the clock to get it done. My favorite part is the happy ending.

These cars have value to the owner even if it is junk when it is ‘stolen’ from them. They were inherited from parents, or received from a brother who shipped out, or where a husband proposed to his wife or maybe it’s just their only form of transportation. They think it’s been taken from them, and they are really sad to think they will never see it again. There are tears, hostility and regret on those faces.

When they find out what was really going on…you should see those faces! They are reunited with their car, their piece of the past, their last gift from their dad. Of course they love the improvements! It’s what they would have done themselves (probably) if they had 40 years of automotive experience and a team of the best. But the emotion at receiving this incredible gift; they are so grateful. They can’t believe that all this was done for them. They feel so undeserving.

Okay, raise your hand if you know where I’m going with this. (how many of you raised your hand?)
Someday we will be overhauled. We will receive new bodies, be reunited with loved ones who have gone before, and all because Someone is working 24/7 to make sure it happens. He has amassed a team of experts, and some amateurs, to prepare us. This is an incredible gift for which we are grateful, and I know that I, for one, feel very undeserving.

We get to participate in God’s Overhaulin’ by being insiders. We can be the one’s that help people find out about this incredible opportunity. That make that connection between someone who doesn’t know and Jesus who is just waiting to give them this amazing gift.

I want to be an insider. Don’t we all?

Oh, give me a chance I could probably find a biblical analogy for Deadliest Catch. Wait! I know –



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