Creating a Welcoming Guest Room

When my sister Paula lived out of state, I loved to stay at her home.  Not only was it great to be with family, but Paula’s home invited me to rest and her thoughtful touches showed her love for me.   I was always blessed by staying at her home.


As the summer travel season approaches, we have the opportunity to bless our overnight guests with small gestures that show we care. 


In II Kings, chapter four, we read about a woman in the town of Shunem who went out of her way to create a welcoming guest room for Elisha, a prophet of God.  She made up a space on her roof (I’m guessing it was flat) and put a bed, table, chair and lamp for Elisha to use whenever he traveled to Shunem.  The Shunemite woman’s hospitality meant so much to Elisha that he asked God to give her a child, and God fulfilled that request.


We may not all have the luxury of a private room for our guests, but we can see to their comfort and offer some pampering as well.   I know from the experience of being a guest, how hospitality can convey God’s love in a personal way.


When preparing a place for your guests, try and anticipate their needs.  Some guest room niceties include an alarm clock, a lamp, a Bible, a devotion book, light reading materials like magazines, extra blankets or pillows, a fan, room to hang clothes with hangers, and a place to set a suitcase.


When I have guests I like to prepare a basket of lotions, hair products and other toiletry items.  I place this in the bathroom with a note inviting my guests to please use the items.


Another idea is to place pre-packaged snacks and candies in a basket, and put the basket in the guest area.  Often travelers might like a snack late at night, but don’t want to ask the hosts.


In your kitchen you might consider creating a drink center on a pretty tray.  Include mugs, spoons, instant coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cream and sugar.  Place the tray near a microwave or the stove.  Stock your fridge with cold drinks and invite your guests to help themselves.  I love it when someone remembers I like Diet Coke!


Our homes can become a ministry tool as we take the time to plan for the comfort of our guests.  As they experience our love for them, let it be our prayer that they are drawn to the Creator of Love – God. 


As you prepare for this summer season, begin to pray for the guests who will visit your home.  Pray that their hearts will be open to receive all that God has for them.


In His Love,



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