85% of those saved do so by age 18

85% of those who give their lives to Christ do so as a child.

I recently heard Wes Stafford, leader of Compassion International, speak at our National Vineyard Pastor’s conference. He told us of the challenge to courageous leadership and about speaking up for those who cannot speak up for themselves…like children. Think about just this one thing…. even the womb is one dangerous place these days.

Half of the world’s population is made up of children.

Children around the globe are facing things like hunger, child prostitution, etc. Wes told us about growing up poor in Africa and how those he knew who were poor shared everything they had. The poor can always give love, joy and hope.

Well, what can we do here where we live? One thing we can do is to take “just a minute.” It takes “just a minute” to destroy the life of a child. (with abuse, abusive words, etc.) It can also take “just a minute” to launch the life of a child—to speak words of life to them. Think of people who have spoken into your life. Think of those who made a difference. What did they do? What did they say?

Now think of people whose lives you can “speak life” into. What can you do? What can you say? Who can you encourage? Purpose with me to speak words of life into those around you—especially the children in your life. Take “just a minute.”



Maybe some of you would like to share a significant way someone spoke words of life to you that made a difference in your life

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