Welcome from Connie :)

I started coming to the Vineyard in January of 1997 because someone invited me :).  My husband is in the Air National Guard  and was going on a three month deployment to Saudi Arabia at that time.  We were atttending another church, but had not connected like we should.  As I started coming to the services, I thought, “I hope my husband will like it here.”, because I did.   I loved the worship and all the teachings.  My kids were young and loved children’s ministry.

I stepped out of my comfort zone and went to a women’s morning Bible study.  At the end there was some ministry time and because my husband had been gone for about a month, my emotions let go and I started to cry.  Even though I was embarrassed, I felt a peace and comfort from God and with the women who had befriended me.  Well, I had been writing my husband about the church and everything that we were doing, and when he got back and started coming, he loved it too (yea)!

I first volunteered for the children’s Vacation Bible School and then in other areas as well.  The Vineyard helped me see the gifts God had given me and that each one of them was important and could be used for God’s Kingdom.  I have been a small group hostess and leader and have served in Women’s Ministry for several years and now work part-time in Women’s Ministry.

The Vineyard has been such an important part of my familiy’s life, so I am so thankful to the person who invited me here.  I have seen my children get such a strong foundation with the Lord and we have all found great friends here.  I hope that you will be blessed as much as I have been by being a part of the Vineyard and I pray God reveals your gifts and talents to use for His Kingdom.

Love ya, Connie 🙂

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